Our Process

As a first step, we offer an initial complementary, low key, no risk initial consultation with the professional training provider or acquirer to explore how Rocket can add value. When possible, we arrange an in person meeting at the client location or at our offices at Park House in Horsham, West Sussex.


Our team is solution focused, responsive, discrete and respectful of your time. All business matters are treated with confidentiality.

Schedule a call to discuss your needs.

Our Pillars

An Authentic representation of the JC, GR duo. This forms Rocket’s personality, values, ways of working… its attitude as an organisation, and the way we operate as a business.


We believe in the power of conversation and the human element behind business. We celebrate this belief by fostering open communication and genuine connections with our clients, partners and team. Trust is at the foundation of everything we do, our credibility is built by delivering on our commitments.


We value honesty, curiosity, and building relationships that endure the test of time. We believe that success should be shared and that our achievements are tied to the success of those we work with. That's why we are committed to earning credibility by delivering measurable results that demonstrate our value.


We refine our process of working with clients and partners continuously while holding steadfast to the shared vision. Starting with the end in mind is a key component in how we keep things simple to achieve desired outcomes.


We believe profitability is rocket fuel and the catalyst for growth and innovation. That’s why we leverage quantitative analysis to focus on what creates the most value. By prioritising actions on the factors that generate the most value, we help our clients and partners achieve their objectives faster and more effectively.