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Training Finance and M&A

Rocket works with professional Education and Training providers, arranging private finance for their learners to spread the cost of training and increase accessibility and enrolment.


Rocket also arranges Mergers & Acquisition, helping owners to either sell their training business, or buy one to grow.

In addition, we are an approved Tax Finance broker assisting SME's smooth the impact on cash-flow of VAT and Corporation Tax bills.

We consult with our clients and introduce tools and opportunities at the right time, cementing key partnerships through the process and assist implementing best practices to sustain long-term growth through our process.

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Training Finance

Offer finance to your learners to help them spread the cost of training.

Training Finance

As a specialist in Training Finance, Rocket works with the UK’s largest and most successful professional training firms to implement profitable finance programs into sales and operations.

We have partnerships with specialist UK lending partners with the resources and expertise to develop the best products tailored to the training market. We have partnered with market leading lenders and are able to offer training finance programs serving both Business to Business and Direct to Consumer requirements.

Rocket operates as an independent professional broker, experienced working with specialist lenders and over one hundred and fifty professional training providers. We’ve designed a fresh offering for the education and training sector with loan approval rates consistently tracking at 98%, vastly outperforming the traditional retail finance model and driving efficient sale processes. Combined with other leading finance products available through Rocket, this a highly commercial proposition.

Our objective is to help professional training providers scale their businesses by implementing training finance into their sales and operations. We assist training providers achieve a higher sales conversion by leveraging the most effective finance tools on the market. As a result, learners have better access to professional training programs as they can spread the cost of their training leading to higher paying jobs. Increased access to learning directly increases profitability for the professional training provider and the finance provider.

We are a catalyst for growth, creating an opportunity for commercial training providers to convert more sales and provide greater access to learners to pursue professional and vocational training to better their lives.

Mergers & Acquisition

Sell your training business, or buy one to grow


Mergers and Acquisitions:

Our team has extensive experience in Corporate Finance and Debt Arrangement. We haveassisted and executed the sale and purchase of many companies and given the relationshipsRocket has with training firms across the UK and overseas, we can help you sell your businessor buy a related business for expansion

We operate with discretion, so we do not publicly list the Training & Education businesses thatwe know are for sale. The majority of the training businesses we represent are off-market,confidential sellers.


Seller Representation: Where business owners are interested in selling their training business in a particular time frame-this could be weeks, months or years. Exits include a full sale, merger or investment.

The Rocket team works closely with the management team of the seller to confidentially capture the essence of the business opportunity. We then evaluate the best acquirer based on the nature of the business and make a strategic introduction. Following the introduction, Rocket assists in the process and helps the seller achieve the desired business outcome.

Buyer Representation: Rocket provides discretionary deal flow to acquirers interested in buying professional training businesses.

We work with a range of acquirers with varying appetites and requirements. These mayinclude training providers looking to growthrough acquisition, Private Equity or aVenture Capital Fund looking to grow its portfolio of professional training and educationbusinesses. Whatever the buyer's preferences, Rocket works diligently to understandtheir vision for a perfect acquisition.We will develop a wish list for each client spanningfinancial performance, training sector, desired characteristics of the business and timescales. Once the acquisition profile is developed, the process to qualify and vetopportunities will begin through to a successful introduction. We remain involved asrequired through to a successful transaction.

Tax Finance

Smooth your cash-flow

Tax Finance

SME Tax Finance

We’ve partnered with £4bn specialist lender Premium Credit Limited. Premium Credit offers a competitive and seamless tax finance facility for SME businesses. Although many of Rocket’s customers are in the training sector, Rocket can provide tax funding for any industry, assisting a growing number of SMEs to fund their VAT and Corporation Tax bills. The process is fast, seamless and helps businesses smooth cash flow when required.

Loans provided for:


Corporation Tax

Self-Assessment Bills

Professional Indemnity Insurance

VAT is spread over 3 months, with annual bills being spread over up to 12 months.

The payment of the tax can be made directly from the lender to HMRC or by way ofreimbursement to the business if the tax bill has already been paid.

Rocket's consultative approach enables training providers to identify growth opportunities and implement tools into their businesses to help maintain a competitive edge